Sunday, December 12, 2010


 above artworks created by the wonderful young painters of Little Djoe & Mama Maya

“It is not the language of painters but the language of nature which one should listen to, the feeling for the things themselves, for reality, is more important than the feeling for pictures.’ – Vincent Van Gogh

It is a great accomplishment when we see a young talent painting like the great artist - Van Gogh, Picasso or Monet. These are some of the great artists who had significant influence in children’s art learning
programmes. Van Gogh, a father of the impressionist, started the creation of intelligent  lines, brushstrokes, mixing and blending of colours which depicted a splendid work of art.  

Children should be given the opportunity to explore such styles. Allowing them to create the very first brushstrokes with confidence and consistency,  the program will, at the same time, develop their observation skills and teach them to appreciate the work of great artists. Painting is a way in which children can express their feelings, be creative and to critique the way in which artists have expressed themselves by using number of art techniques. 

Our new little Art Studio is located at BUKIT TIMAH SHOPPING CENTRE. Bring your kids there for an art lesson. See you there!

Email us: TEACHER MAY.NLDMM.INFO@GMAIL.COM if you're interested!

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